Knowledge Base Software

What Is Title KB?

  • Title KB is a centralized, hosted, knowledge base platform.

What Is Knowledge Base?

  • A knowledge base platform is a published series of documentation that includes solutions to regularly requested questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions. It’s designed for staff to discover options to their issues without having to disturb and interrupt coworkers or search for hours for the information.

Title K.B Benefits and Features

Private – Title K.B. is an internal knowledge base platform. All users must log in with their credentials to view the knowledge base articles.

User Friendly – Title K.B. is designed for the everyday user. (No Special Degree / Training Needed) If a user can compose an email, they can create a knowledge base article.   

Google-Like Search – Title K.B. includes live search. As the user is typing, Title K.B. automatically filters the articles, user can find the exact article they are searching for within seconds.

Roles and Permissions – Title K.B. allows article creators to select their audience and who has the permissions to view the articles.

Structuring and Organizing – Title K.B. forces users to be organized and to maintain structure of articles without sacrificing time. Title K.B. uses categories and subcategories to structure the knowledge base environment.

Attachments – Within each article, article creators can upload attachments to a specific article. (PDF, Word, Excel, Images)

Fully Hosted – Title K.B. is fully cloud hosted, backed up, and maintained. No need for servers, IT staff and headaches.

Pricing Title K.B. not only provides competitive pricing. Title K.B. provides one the most cost-efficient knowledge base platforms in the industry.

Custom URL – With Title K.B. each client will receive a custom URL link to their own knowledge base platform. Example – 123.Titlekb.Com

Custom Branding – Having a custom URL, the clients can brand the knowledge base platform with their own logo and company name.

Analytics – Title K.B. has a robust tracking system. Article creators can view how many times a article has been viewed, who viewed the articles, time and date, and for extra security it shows the I.P. of the user that is accessing Title K.B.

Adding New Users – New users and permissions can be setup within seconds.

Managing Users – With Title K.B. managing users is very simple. All users are listing on one page, administrator can edit, delete, and block users. User list provides user status, last time user was logged in and if the user is currently logged in and online.

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