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Private Knowledge Base

The mortgage industry isn’t exactly known for being innovative. But times are changing, and we all need to move with the times if we want to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market. That’s why it’s time for real estate companies like yours to start using private internal knowledge bases instead of outdated methods like file cabinets and emails.

Organizing your title company’s knowledge

You might be wondering, “What is a knowledge base?” A knowledge base is simply a database that stores information. It can be used to store information about your company, your clients and your employees.

A knowledgebase will help you organize your knowledge so that everyone in the company knows exactly what is going on at all times. It also saves you time because all pertinent information is stored in one place for easy access by anyone in the company.

A central, secure repository

Let’s face it, you could use some help with your knowledge base. It’s a central repository for information that can make your life easier. With a knowledge base, you can get organized and find information quickly. For example, if you have an employee who needs to create legal documents for a closing, he or she can access pre-written templates in the knowledge base instead of having to recreate them from scratch every time. Your employees will love how easy it is to use!

Another benefit of having a private internal knowledge base is that it allows you to share important information with other employees without worrying about security issues or who else might see it.

Finding what you need

You can search for documents by keyword, form type, document type and department. If you’re looking for a document on the subject of closing title covenants in a commercial transaction, enter “covenant” into the keyword field. You will be able to narrow down your results based on the other fields as well.

Create articles and attach documents

A private internal knowledge base is a great way to create and store documents. It also provides a way to track the history of those documents, making it easy for you and your team to know if there have been any changes or updates since a particular version was created.

There are many advantages to using an internal knowledge base for your title company:

  • It’s easy for anyone in your organization who needs access to have it. Your agents can use their phones or laptops; they don’t need any special software installed on their computers.
  • You can keep track of all the changes made over time, so if there’s ever confusion about what information has changed or been added at some point in the past it’ll be easy enough just by looking through the records available within this system itself!

Automatically updated forms

The best part about having your forms in a private internal knowledge base is that they’re automatically updated. You don’t have to worry about updating them yourself, or make sure they’re up to date before closing a deal. The system will do it for you—and anyone with the permissions can do it too!

Let’s say you have a form called “Loan Origination Worksheet” that needs an update because of some new regulations or requirements in your state (or county). Simply go into the form, make the necessary changes, then click save. That’s all there is to it! And if someone else needs to update this form for another one of their deals? They can just copy and paste from their existing version of the worksheet and add their own customizations. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

File Sharing and storage

Sharing files with other employees is a great way to get things done. You can share spreadsheets and documents, or even just links to important websites. The more you work with your team, the more efficient you’ll be at running your business!

Support requests and ticketing system

As a title company, your business is always on call. When you have a live chat or phone line open, you have the potential to be bombarded with questions from customers. If these support requests and tickets aren’t handled quickly by your support team, the customer will become frustrated and likely end up going elsewhere for their title services.

A knowledge base can help keep track of all of this information in one place so that when someone needs assistance, it’s easy for them to find out how they can get help from you.

Internal knowledge bases can help employees work more efficiently, reducing the time it takes to close new deals.

Why should you use a private internal knowledge base for your title company?

Because it can help employees work more efficiently, reducing the time it takes to close new deals. If you think about it, everyone has at some point in their life been annoyed by having to go through a series of steps in order to accomplish something that could have easily been done in one fell swoop. For example: you want to buy flour; instead of buying all-purpose flour, just get self-rising flour. You don’t need all those other ingredients!

The same goes for business processes—when people follow long, complicated paths on an everyday basis just because that’s how they’ve always done things (or because no one has bothered trying anything different), they’re wasting time and energy getting from A to B when there was another option all along that would have made things easier for them and their colleagues alike.


It’s no secret that keeping track of all your company’s information can be a challenge. With so many documents, forms, and other resources coming in from different sources, it can be difficult to find the exact piece of information you need at just the right time. But with an internal knowledge base, your team members won’t have to worry about missing out on crucial details any longer. This tool allows them to access any content they need whenever they want—and even share it with others if necessary!